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Guide to RIS Services

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Welcome to Research & Information Services Guide

This guide has been designed to provide you with information about the Library's services as well as answers to your frequently asked questions.

We have designed a range of Guides to provide you with subject pathways to quality evidenced-based library resources to help you with your day-to-day tasks and meet your information needs.

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Library Fast Facts

RIS is a special library, with collections focusing on intellectual property and technical information. It was established in 1904, and currently comprises a team of five staff.

The main functions of the library include:

  • Undertaking research and provide research assistance.
  • Providing alerting and awareness services..
  • Managing licence agreements for electronic resources with over 20 major suppliers.
  • Supplying 15,000-20,000 document requests per year, predominantly non-patent literature (NPL) but also research information to other IPA staff.
  •  Managing copyright statutory licence requirements.
  •  Indexing Intellectual Property articles to SNIPER intellectual property database annually.
  •  Collection statistics :
    •  Books: 15,000 items;
    • Journals: 250 active subscriptions;
    • Historical materials and miscellaneas: 2,000 items;
    • SNIPER: 33,000 articles;
    • Electronic journals and databases: 9,000 titles.


More Help from Research and Information Services

David Church
Assistant Library Manager x2050

Chandrika Jeganathan
Librarian/Acquisitions/Serials x2305

Vivienne Iglesias
Document Delivery x2430

Melissa Loader
Document Delivery/Loans/Clearances x2608


Privacy Notice

NOTE: When accessing IP Australia’s subscriptions to electronic journals and databases you may be required to provide login information, such as your name and email address. Please note that this information is collected by the service provider, not IP Australia, and should be handled in accordance with the individual service provider’s privacy policy.