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Traditional Knowledge

Guide to resources for traditional knowledge research

Select an option from the menu below to search botanical or bio-diversity resources. Search the Australian National Botanic Gardens resources, the OZ Native Plants Index or the Convention on Biological Diversity Traditional Knowledge Portal.

Australian National Botanic Gardens
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KEW - Royal Botanic Gardens

Medicinal Plant Names Services (MPNS) : Medicinal plant name services

The MPNS resource brings together the many different names in use for medicinal plants and herbal substances, especially those of international significance, including their pharmaceutical, trade and common names in multiple languages. MPNS then maps these names onto the most up to date taxonomy and scientific nomenclature for those plants. MPNS is global in scope covering plants used in many countries and links the names used for them throughout the world.

The MPNS resource also includes pointers to the medicinal and botanical literature in which these names are published, the parts of the plant used and the status of our taxonomic knowledge. Data will be updated quarterly to include names from new references, resolve errors and to reflect advances in taxonomic knowledge. Every year 10,000 changes are published to the scientific names of higher plants.


Legumes of the Worlds  Legumes of the World

Legumes of the World Online (LOWO) is part of Kew’s commitment to advance the knowledge and understanding of the approximately 750 genera of the legume family. LOWO is based on the book Legumes of the World, published by Kew in 2005 and which has been transformed into a web resource offering expanded and updated information about legume genera. The Legume Research Team at Kew manages and updates LOWO through collaboration with an international community of legume systematic botanists. Users of LOWO can browse and search for information about legume genera through the traditional subfamily-tribe-genus hierarchy or in a modern phylogeny-based classification.


Scientific Journals:

Curtis's Botanical Magazine

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