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CentIPede post-trial evaluation

CentIPede Post-trial survey

CentIPede™ Post-Trial Survey

Your responses to the following survey will assist RIS to assess the suitability of CentIPede™ for future development.

How easy is CentIPede to use?

How useful is the help information avalable on CentIPede?

Is the content provided through CentIPede relevant to your needs?

Are the content sources monitored by CentIPede suitable?

Are there any other specific sources or source types that should be monitored?

Are there any other functions, tools or resources you can suggest that would improve CentIPede?

The volume of content provided is:

Is the content provided timely enough for your requirements?

Overall, how satisfied are you with CentIPede?

Move the slider to a position between 1 (low satisfaction) and 10 (high satisfaction):

If you'd like to tell us anything further, please use the box below

Thank you for participating in the Survey - Please don't forget to click the Submit button below