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Welcome to the RIS Quiz

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1. On 25th May the ANU is leading an attempt for a Guinness World Record for the largest number of people stargazing across multiple venues. What is the current world record?  

2. What is the duration of Registration for a Trade Mark in Armenia? Hint: Use the online edition of the ‘Manual for the Handling of Applications for Patents, Designs and Trade Marks Throughout the World’ to find out.  

3. In what year were the first Lego Technical sets created (rebranded Lego Technics in 1984)?  

4. Does RIS have a subscrition to the ''Journal of World Intellectual Property'? Hint: Use our Discovery Service tool to find out.

5. Which chemist invented Kevlar in 1965 (a fiber used in bullet-proof vests, fiber-optic cables, aircraft parts, canoes, brake linings, space vehicles, boats, parachutes, skis, and building materials)?  

6. The DENDRAL expert system and software developed in 1965, which was designed to help organic chemists identify unknown organic molecules, is considered an early form of?  

7. In what year was the 'Australian Official Journal of Patents, Trade Marks and Designs' first published?  Hint: Use the Official Journals Guide to find out.

8. What does the term 'dach' mean in the language of the Burarra people (traditional lands are located in central north Arnhem Land, NT)?   Hint: Use the Traditional Knowledge Portal 'Dictionaries' page to find out.

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