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Pay Wall Trial Survey

Your completion of the following survey will assist RIS to gauge the value of the open paywall trial. Access was made available to the following publishers for the trial: Wiley Online, Springer, Elsevier - Science Direct Database, IOP Publishing, OnePetro, and IEEE.

1. Which exam area do you work in?  

2. Did you access any pay wall content during the trial?  

3. If you did access pay wall content, approximately how many documents did you download during the period?  

4. How useful did you find the pre-trial information session and written guidelines?  

5. How easy did you find it to access non-patent literature and pay wall content?  

6. Overall, how satisfied were you with the trial? Move the slider to a position between 0 (low satisfaction) and 10 (high satisfaction):

7. Would you like to see the trial extended?  

8. Do you feel you would benefit from training in searching and locating NPL?  

9. Please outline any Issues, Comments or Suggestions in the box below:

Thank you for taking part in the trial and for completing this short survey.